Lockdown students

Lockdown Leavers’ Hoodies – 5 reasons why your school really needs a school hoodie in 2020

School hoodies are a wonderful way to keep school memories alive, particularly in 2020 – the year of lockdown and COVID-19 – This is the first time any of us have experienced a pandemic of this nature in our lifetimes. 

What will your students remember?

Learning in bubbles, home school, no bonfire night, no school trips, no leavers’ assembly, the constant chant of ‘wash your hands’ and socially distanced playtimes. It’s fair to say that leavers in 2020 and 2021 will have very different memories of their final year at school than any other year this decade.

Schools, along with every other business need to adapt. With normal fundraising events having to be cancelled or ‘Zoomed’, there needs to be a brand new way of running these events with some serious thinking outside the box. 

One thing’s for sure though and that is that the school hoodies of 2020 and 2021 can go ahead unhinged and actually will become one of the most important ways of capturing COVID-19 school memories.

There are 5 reasons why your school needs a school hoodie in 2020 and 2021. Here they are:

1] “I Was A Lockdown Student”

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that hasn’t been seen since the Spanish Flu in 1918. This will most definitely be something to tell their children and grandchildren about. Personalise your school hoodie in 2020 and 2021 to show that your students went to school during lockdown. 

Here are some ways you can personalise your school hoodies during COVID-19

  • ‘Lockdown Leavers’
  • ‘Class of 2020/2021 ‘Lockdown Students’
  • ‘Socially Distanced Class of 2020/2021’


2] Baby It’s Cold Inside

One of the ways schools have had to adapt to avoid the spreading of the virus, is to keep windows and doors open to keep the fresh air flowing and any germs at bay. This means that classrooms are cold! It’s difficult to learn when you’re cold. Give your students a team hoodie to pop on. (Or a sweatshirt) Keep spirits and learning high.


3] No Zoom Meeting Required, Design Online Now In Your Lunch Break 🙂

Jump online and build your own school hoodie using our Leavers Hoodie Builder. We have some super on-trend colours for the base of the hoodie, more colours for the embroidery and lots of room for personalisation. Whether you want a standard hoodie, a zip up hoodie or a sweatshirt, it’s so easy and quick to order yours with full personalisation right now.

4] Hoodie Sales Can Replace Bake Sale Profits

With school fundraising events being forced to cancel or adapt to digital formats, one particular fundraising event which normally happens throughout the school calendar, is the Bake Sale! It may not bring in a huge amount of profit but the pounds throughout the year certainly add up and this is one event that can not be replicated online. 

Counteract the loss of bake sale revenue by selling hoodies to every student. It won’t replace the taste of a gooey brownie but a bright cool hoodie to wear in school every day may just top even that!

5] We’re In This Together

Our schools are now ordering hoodies for all their students during term time rather than just for their leavers at the end of the school year. Being in the middle of a pandemic requires a level of camaraderie and change. 

The ‘We’re in this together’ spirit can really lift us. Everything is different right now. Being taken to school with mum and dad wearing a mask. Leaving school in a one way system and walking out to face lots of masked parents standing socially distanced apart can feel daunting. 

Rules have changed. The classrooms are cold? Let the kids wear their school hoodies in as bright a colour as you can muster. It’s only November? Pop the christmas tree up and fill it with as many baubles that will fit! Let’s keep spirits high and get by with as much camaraderie as we can.