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Student planners designed to support teaching and learning

Our student planners cover so much more than simply planning. They include valuable resources that support teaching and learning.

The aim of the planners is to be both informative and functional – they’re designed to stimulate interest and help students navigate their school year.

Primary Student Planners

Designed specifically for all primary pupils, our primary student planners include vital information to help students improve and grow.

The primary planner includes sections on understanding grammar, punctuation tips and ways to improve handwriting and speaking skills. As well as maths advice, there are conversion tables to help students understand length and distance, weight, volume and capacity, velocity, and temperature.

World religions, sign language, morse code, country flags and facts, are just some of the resources included. Handy maps of the UK and Ireland with a list of counties, maps of Europe and a world map are contained within the primary planner – plus a guide to the solar system.

A feature that includes maps of the human body is followed by a section with advice on mental wellbeing and how to deal with worries and challenges. First aid advice is provided by St John’s Ambulance.

Crucially, there’s advice to primary-age students on how to stay safe online.

Secondary Student Planners

This is our most popular secondary student planner. It contains stimulating content to promote and support learning throughout the academic year.

The planner opens with an informative feature on the United Nations Global Goals initiative, covering the important subject of climate action.

The resource sections include valuable reference pages covering maths, conversions, grammar, punctuation, planning an essay, physics, the periodic table, and maps.

As well as academic resources, there’s plenty of advice on the best approach to learning and revision, plus tips on memory and taking exams. Wellbeing advice covers issues such as healthy lifestyles, your growth mindset, and mental health.

My Digital Life looks at your digital footprint and how widely it can be seen by others. Common sense advice is combined with tips on security settings to help students interact sensibly online and protect themselves.

The Classic Planner contains the above information but is designed in a more traditional format. It has a clean and fresh appearance, retaining the full colour element of the Secondary Design Planner, but is more minimalist in design.

16+ Student Planners

The 16+ student planner is a little different as it aims to guide students through their academic options and into their life beyond school.

This planner includes key information from UCAS on the choices available to students aged 16+. This includes going to university, taking an apprenticeship, or embarking on a gap year. Information on the costs of higher education and living away from home will help students to make informed decisions.

The planner also includes useful advice on how to write a personal statement and create a CV, as well as how to present yourself in person.

Support teaching and learning with Boomerang Education student planners

Our student planners contain a wealth of content to support teaching and learning. We work to stimulate student interest and help to navigate them through their school year. We also assist in the meeting of Ofsted judgement criteria. Our student diary content is reviewed and refreshed each year to ensure it remains relevant and engaging for students.

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