Exam stress – Supporting GCSE and BTEC students

Exam stress – Supporting GCSE and BTEC students

Did you know that 80% of young people believe that the pressure they feel from exams has massively impacted their mental health?

In fact, figures show that a massive three quarters of long-term mental health issues start in childhood; a huge indicative that students (as a whole) spend most of their time focused on the outcome and results of their examinations, and as a result often forget about the impact it’s having on their mental health.

Boomerang Education offers support to pupils and teachers alike by supplying schools with planners and diaries – undoubtably a crucial aid throughout the academic year and examination period. As a result of our daily interaction with schools and teachers nationwide, we understand the impact modern-day exams have on GCSE and BTEC students.

Incredibly results focused, modern exams often leave students confused, stressed and worried. And, now more than ever, supporting students through this stressful time isn’t just about imparting knowledge, but about providing emotional and mental health support.

Whether you’re a parent, guardian or teacher; here’s how you can help provide the right support to those who need it.

Talk about it

Talking openly with students and children about stress and their mental health not only allows you to identify who is struggling but allows you to provide the right support.

We’re a huge advocate when it comes to normalising the concept of stress; talking, expressing and explaining your stress during a difficult time doesn’t make you weak but allows those who surround you to support you during a difficult time. However, we appreciate that communicating this to your students or children is often tricky.

Try using your own experiences as a way of discussing stress with your children or students. Using your own techniques of coping with stress can encourage communication between those struggling to talk.

Environment and physical health

Often, environment will add to someone’s stress levels.

Creating the right environment for your children or students is imperative. Lighting, noise and atmosphere are all things to think about when it comes to creating a more relaxed and calm space, allowing those who are stressed to feel more relaxed.

Physical exercise is an alternative way to switch up your environment. Encouraging your students get some fresh air for 20 minutes a day will undoubtably have a dramatically positive effect on their stress levels and overall mental health.


Preparing your students or children for their exams isn’t just about cramming their head full of knowledge. Sure, revision is essential but it’s also important to work with them in creating an exam strategy, ensuring they don’t get stressed or flustered during the exam itself.

Breathing exercises are great when it comes to controlling panic, stress or anxiety. Teaching your pupils to control themselves during their exam will ensure they reach the end of their exam successfully, and without panic.

If you want to find out more about how our school planners can support your pupils or children during their exams, take a read of our previous exam preparation blogs here – alternatively, if you’re looking for new school diaries talk to a member of our sales team on 01252 368 328sales@boomerang-ed.com.