Digital Homework Planner mobile screenshot

Boomerang Digital Homework Planner: New Features for 2017!

So what’s new for the Boomerang Digital Homework Planner?

Our Boomerang Digital team have been working extremely hard this past year to make the Boomerang Digital Planner better than ever.

So it’s time to give you an update!

Boomerang Digital Homework Planner infographicBringing schools closer together

Our connectivity is better than ever with the Digital Planner System bringing teachers, students and parents closer together.

Teachers can send assignments to students, which will show up on their planner.

Parents can see all assignments set for the student.

School admin can share school events with everyone.

Better for everyone!


boomerang-digital-homework-planner-appMobile app

Yep that’s right, we’ve got an app for mobile and tablet, making it super easy for students to upload homework tasks and manage their to-do lists.

We’ve listened to your feedback and recently updated our app so that it now enables students to attach images to personal tasks from the device image library or camera.

Pupils can also now easily download files from teachers, as well as view their grades and any feedback on completed assignments.



Mobile app – introducing push notifications!

Coming very very soon…push notifications for our Digital Homework Planner!

We’re excited about this one because we want the homework process to be as smooth and seamless as possible.

Push notifications will ensure that students are immediately notified once new tasks or events are created.

They will also be able to receive important messages from teachers.



boomerang-digital-homework-planner-quiz-centreQuiz centre – watch this space…

We’re working on a bespoke Boomerang Quiz Centre, launching soon for 2017.

Teachers will be able to create custom multiple choice quizzes, complete with images and videos.

A great way to encourage interactive learning 🙂



We’ll keep you posted on more updates to the Boomerang Digital Homework Planner as they come!

The Boomerang Team.