Carpe Diem Poster: Unleash Your Awesome!

Sooo… can we tell you about our brand new Carpe Diem poster? (Yes, we are very excited).

By this point, you should definitely have heard about our brilliant Carpe Diem youth initiative.


Here’s a quick re-cap:

The Carpe Diem initiative aims to inspire young people (from as young as 4 all the way up to 18yrs) to get out there and grab life’s opportunities. You’ll learn something new, gain some useful skills and most importantly, have some great experiences!

carpe-diem-poster-fullCarpe Diem Poster

With hundreds of fantastic opportunities out there, we wanted to get the message out to as many young people as possible.

So we’ve designed our very own Carpe Diem poster which captures the essence of what this initiative is all about.

We printed 1000 posters and delivered them to hundreds of schools up and down the country. What better way to reach our target audience (you) than to go straight to the environment you spend so much of your time in?

Unleash Your Awesome

The Carpe Diem team wanted the poster tag-line to more or less sum up what we want you to get out of visiting Carpe Diem.

After brainstorms, mind maps, market research and everything in between, we came up with “Unleash Your Awesome”.

Now all we need is a little bit of help to get the word out even more – so if you see an opportunity you think a friend would like, let them know! For example any budding artists might be interested in the National Open Art Competition. It’s now open for entries 🙂

What do you think?