10 Reasons to Get a Digital School Planner in 2017

Pretty self-explanatory really.

So here goes…

1. Save time.


Everything is less effort when you go digital. You already know that. That’s why you have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer etc. So why not carry this through to a digital school planner?

2. Access your school timetable, calendar & homework anywhere.


You can view a digital school planner on your mobile, tablet, laptop & PC. This means you’ll have access to all the important info you need, any time, any place.

3. Set yourself homework reminders.


This is really handy because it’s easy to forget to check a homework diary. With a digital school planner, the ability to set yourself homework reminders means that you’ll never forget about a piece of homework again (yes this does means you’ll actually have to do said homework).

4. Keep everything in one place – saves on storage! 


A digital school planner means that you have loads of storage space without taking up any physical space in your school bag. You can even use it as a personal calendar to make things even easier.

5. Catch up on schoolwork easily.


Teachers will be able to attach lesson plans & useful classroom resources to individual classes so it will be easy for you to catch up if you aren’t able to attend a lesson.

6. Submit your homework online with the click of a button.


You don’t have to worry about printing off and handing in homework assignments – just submit online with a digital homework planner!

7. No need to wait to receive your grade, view marking & feedback instantly.


Just as you can submit your homework online, your teachers can also submit your feedback online. This means you’ll be able to view your grades the second they are awarded.

8. Get with the times – digital is the way forward.


We all know that society is becoming more and more geared towards technological and it’s easy for schools to get left behind in the new digital era. Make sure your school is keeping up!

9. Better for the environment.


We care about our carbon footprint and so should you. Cut down your paper usage by using a digital school planner and say goodbye to pages and pages of unnecessary paper. Save those trees!

10.Never lose your homework – everything is saved & stored.


For those of you who aren’t the most organised – everything that you enter into your digital school planner will be saved and stored. This means that losing your homework diary doesn’t equal losing your entire life.

You’re welcome!

Boomerang Ed Team.