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10 Ways You Know You’re a Teacher on Summer Holidays

Most UK teachers will have broken up from school by the end of the week – woohoo! In celebration of your well-earned time off, we’ve put together a list of 10 different ways that you know you’re a teacher on summer holidays.

Will you agree with our list? Read on to find out…

You know you’re a teacher on summer holidays when:

1) You have to dress incognito, Clark Kent-style just in case you’re spotted by pupils.


2) The urge to tuck in chairs when at restaurants and cafes is strong.


3) You no longer care what day of the week it is!


4) Switching off isn’t easy. You can hardly sleep at night because you find yourself thinking about classes, lessons, school corridors – you name it.


5) Yet despite the lack of sleep, it still takes a good couple of weeks for you to convince your body clock not to wake you up at 6am…


6) You’re reminded by anyone and everyone just how lucky you are to have such long holidays. Have they tried being a teacher?!


7) You secretly enjoy making your non-teacher friends jealous with your weekday holiday pictures.


8) Your teacher friends understand that in between the summer photos, you’re actually preparing and planning for the new school year.


9) Summer sales are hard to resist. So. Much. Stationery.


10) Aww we know you miss teaching really :p


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The Boomerang Team.