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School Yearbook Tips: Ideas for Your Yearbook Awards Page (Pt 2)

Looking for ideas for a yearbook awards page? Yearbooks awards pages are a great way to get everyone talking about your leavers yearbook.

They’re also a way of showing off the wide range of talented students in your year group. You can choose awards for almost anything: funny, serious or a bit of both.

Check out part 1 of this yearbook tips series for the ‘best…worst’ awards and carry on reading for some ‘most likely to…least likely to’ awards!


Most likely to…

  • Appear on Jeremy Kyle
  • Become a famous artist
  • Become a footballer
  • Become a comedian
  • Become Prime Minister
  • Get ID’d at 30
  • Invent the next Snapchat
  • yearbook-awards-page-idMake millions
  • Set a new Guinness World Record
  • Star in the West End
  • Visit Mars
  • Win an Olympic gold medal
  • Win an Oscar
  • Win the X Factor
  • Write the next Harry Potter

yearbook-awards-page-graduatesLeast likely to…

  • Attend a school reunion
  • Ever be able to grow facial hair
  • Graduate university
  • Get a job
  • Get in trouble for anything
  • Get married
  • yearbook-awards-page-parentsPass their driving test
  • Move out of their parents’ home
  • Remember any of our names in five years’ time
  • Stay in their hometown
  • Win a school prize

Stay tuned – next week we’ll be bringing you our favourite teacher awards ideas!

Boomerang Team