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10 Disney Films to Watch Over the Easter Break

This week our highlighted school planner spot date is Disney-themed. It’s the 25th anniversary of the opening of Euro Disney, Disneyland Paris, so we’ve taken it as an excuse to put a Disney-style spin on this week’s blog post. So when you’ve got a spare couple of hours over the holidays, take your pick from our list of 10 Disney films to watch over Easter (there’s something for everyone):

Our 10 Disney films to watch over Easter with the family:

Starting at number 10, we’re counting down to our favourite. Which will it be?

Disclaimer: We like all the Disney films really – this list reflects some of our favourites, as well as catering to all the family 🙂

10) High School Musical, 2006


Watch the trailer here.

9) The Aristocats, 1970


Take a look at the trailer.

8) Holes, 2003


View the trailer here.

7) Lady and the Tramp, 1955


Watch the trailer here.

6) Toy Story, 1995


You can watch the Toy Story trailer here.

…You’re halfway through our list. How are we doing so far?

5) Hercules, 1997


View the trailer here.

4) Pirates of the Caribbean, 2003


Watch the trailer here.

3) The Little Mermaid, 1989


Take a look at the trailer.

2) The Incredibles, 2004


You can watch the trailer here.

1) Enchanted, 2007


View the trailer for Enchanted here.

If you’ve made it this far then you should definitely have found at least one or two films to watch with friends/family over the Easter holidays! What do you think of our choices? Have we missed any off our list that we shouldn’t have? Tweet @BoomEdLtd or comment below to let us know.

Happy Easter!