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A Level Results Day 2017: What To Expect When You’ve Applied For Uni

So 17th August 2017 marks the all-important A Level Results Day and we’re going to give you the lowdown on what to expect.

You’re welcome!

A Level Results Day – when exactly can I get my results?


Well this depends on whether you’ll be looking online or heading to your school first.

Not everyone realises that you’ll actually be able to view your university confirmation when UCAS Track goes live at 8am. So while you won’t be able to see your exact  A Level results, you will be able to see if you’ve met the requirements of your university offer.

Just be warned that a lot of people will be trying to access this at the same time so you may need to try logging in a few times intermittently.

UCAS’ social media team will be around from 6am and the phone-in centre opens at 7.30am.

To find out your exact results, you will still need to collect these from your school or college. Make sure that you know what time you should be at your school to collect your results. The timings can vary between schools but most should have these listed on their websites.

I’ve got my grades, now what?

Happy with your results? Go and celebrate with friends and family!

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Not so happy?

No need to panic, you have plenty of options:

  • If you didn’t miss your grades by much, you should definitely speak to your university right away – they may still accept you! Some universities also offer alternative courses instead, which you’ll need to accept or decline in UCAS Track.
  • Check your status on Track to find out if you are eligible for Clearing. You can read all about Clearing on the UCAS website here.
 Done even better than expected?
  • It’s a nice problem to have that’s for sure!
  • Consider applying through UCAS Adjustment, which could see you trading up to a ‘better’ university/course without losing your current offer. Find out more about Adjustment here.


The most important thing to remember is that the decisions you make now are important. Think about what is right for you and try not to feel pressured by anybody else. The more well-informed you are the better.

Good luck!

Boomerang Team.

A-Level Results Day 101


It’s here.

The day you’ve been trying to forget about all summer.

We’ve got some tips to get you through tomorrow (yes it is tomorrow!)


The Night Before:

ucasHave Your UCAS Login Details at the Ready

Because there’s nothing worse than receiving your results and not quite knowing if you’ve made it onto your uni course.

Have Your University Contact Details at the Ready

You might not get the results you were hoping for but this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be accepted onto your course. Contacting your university directly is the easiest way of getting all the info you need before things get too manic.


On the Day:

calmCheck UCAS Track Early 

Not everyone knows this but you can actually view your university confirmation here from 8am. You’ll still need to pick up your results from school but seeing an early university place confirmation beforehand can really take the pressure off!

Don’t Make Hasty Decisions

It’s easy to make a snap decision on something that will significantly impact your future because you feel pressure from friends, family, universities and even yourself.


If you don’t get the results you need for your firm or insurance choices, there are still options. Talk to your universities first and then find out your eligibility for Clearing – you might be able to find a place on an alternative course.


If you’re lucky enough to surpass the results you need for your firm choice, there are also options. Consider Adjustment. Here, you can swap your firm choice for a place on a course with higher entry requirements.

Take some time to think through your options. University is YOUR experience so don’t feel the need to grab a place at whichever university is available just because you’re stressed.

Remember, you can also consider deferring entry if you don’t feel ready, trying again next year or even going straight into employment if you’ve changed your mind.


Results Day is not the be-all and end-all. Think everything through calmly and you’ll be okay.

Good luck!