Big History Project

The history of everything:



  • Big History Project – This unique not-for-profit program aims to go beyond self-contained fields of study in order to grasp the huge topic of history as a whole.
  • Learn about the universe from a combination of perspectives: scientific, geographical and historical.
  • It’s a multi-disciplinary approach to learning which provides readily available classroom resources for anyone and everyone, completely free of charge.
  • There are loads of benefits to signing up:
    • Clear gains in reading, writing and content knowledge.
    • Teachers can customise the courses to meet specific learning goals for their schools and can tailor material for students.
    • Did we mention it’s free?


  • Anytime!


  • Teachers: Register here for access to lesson plans, videos and texts that cover a range of historical topics. All you have to do is register, set up a class, and go!
  • Students: Once your teacher has signed up to the program, ask them for the classroom code and enter it here to begin your historical journey.
  • Parents can get involved too by exploring the public course here.

Watch founder David Christian and avid supporter Bill Gates talk about what Big History means to them below: