The Big Draw Festival 2017: Living Lines



  • The Big Draw Festival – The world’s biggest drawing festival!
  • An annual art festival, where thousands of fun drawing activities connect people with all things art-related, from museums and illustrators, to each other.
  • The theme of last year’s festival was STEAM Powered – science, technology, art, engineering and maths. It aimed to highlight the creative innovation which links these subjects and is vital to industries world-wide.
  • Registration is now open to take part in The Big Draw 2017.
  • Living Lines: An Animated Big Draw Festival. From cave men to the big screen and everything in between, this year, the theme aims to unite pixels, pencils and people from across the globe to celebrate the universal language of drawing.


  • This year’s festival will take place from 1st-31st October 2017.


  • Register online to get involved!
  • Whether you are from a gallery, museum, library, school, or you are just someone passionate about drawing, anyone can register to be a part of this fabulous event.
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