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Promoting Opportunities for Young People

Here at Boomerang Education, we’ve noticed that, frustratingly, opportunities for young people haven’t been very obvious to the students themselves. This is where Carpe Diem comes in. Carpe Diem is a youth initiative that showcases hundreds of nation-wide competitions, youth programmes and work experience opportunities to young people.

Yearbook Process in 5 Easy Steps

Here at Boomerang, we like to think we know a thing or two about the yearbook process. So we’re going to share a few of our secrets with you while you’re in that proactive, ‘back to school’ frame of mind. There are all sorts of things to consider when it comes to making a successful yearbook and they’ve been condensed into this handy list for you:

The Wrong Kind of Praise: Growth Mindset

Adopting a growth mindset nearly always needs to be a conscious act. This is because, for most of us, it’s all too easy to slip into fixed mindset tendencies, especially when it comes to praising young minds. Firstly, let’s (very broadly) define the terms ‘growth’ and ‘fixed’ in this context:

Back to School: How to Stay Organised this Year

With the start of term fast approaching, it’s so important that you stay organised if you want to minimise/manage your stress levels. Feeling stressed just thinking about it? Fear not! Here’s our guide to keeping on top of everything this year:

The World’s Largest Lesson: Global Goals in Schools

We need your help. If you’ve used Boomerang school planners before, you’ll know that we promoted the Global Goals with the World’s Largest Lesson last year. Well this time we want to reach even more people! The World’s Largest Lesson 2016 will deliver an even bigger impact and we need teachers and schools to get involved.

A-Level Results Day 101

So. It’s here. The day you’ve been trying to forget about all summer. We’ve got some tips to get you through Results Day tomorrow (yes it is tomorrow!)

Art in Education: Is There Still a Place For It?

The presence of art in education is a topic that’s been debated for as long as we can remember. However in recent years, there’s certainly been a shift in focus towards more ’employable’ subjects in the education sector. We push subjects like maths and science to the forefront due to their undeniable importance for our future. But where does this leave art?