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Did You Know These Facts About The Victorians?

We like to highlight important historical dates in Boomerang school planners and this week, we’re focusing on the Victorians. Queen Victoria was born almost 200 years ago today, back in 1819. As Queen of England for over 60 years, we thought we’d commemorate Victoria’s reign by bringing together a few facts about the Victorians that […]

GCSE Revision Tips: Beating the Exam Stress

Whether you’re already in the midst of the GCSE exam frenzy, or you’re worrying about exams coming up over the next few weeks, we’ve got loads of GCSE revision tips to get you through a potentially stressful period. For more tips, take a look at at the Revision & Exam pages of our school planners. Put […]

National Open Art Competition 2017: Competition of the Month!

What is the National Open Art Competition? National Open Art Competition 2017. Ever produced a piece of art that you’re really proud of? You might want to develop your artistic style further by entering the National Open Art Competition. Great prizes up for grabs. The following mediums will be accepted: paintings, drawings, miniature drawings/paintings/wall hung […]

10 Disney Films to Watch Over the Easter Break

This week our highlighted school planner spot date is Disney-themed. It’s the 25th anniversary of the opening of Euro Disney, Disneyland Paris, so we’ve taken it as an excuse to put a Disney-style spin on this week’s blog post. So when you’ve got a spare couple of hours over the holidays, take your pick from […]

World Health Day: Mental Health Awareness in School

What is World Health Day? World Health Day is a global awareness day, organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), that we celebrate each year on 7th April. It marks the founding of WHO and is a fantastic opportunity to draw worldwide attention to a specific subject, chosen each year. The theme of this year’s World […]

Carpe Diem Poster: Unleash Your Awesome!

Sooo… can we tell you about our brand new Carpe Diem poster? (Yes, we are very excited). By this point, you should definitely have heard about our brilliant Carpe Diem youth initiative. No? Here’s a quick re-cap: The Carpe Diem initiative aims to inspire young people (from as young as 4 all the way up […]

10 Poems to Read Before You Leave School

We couldn’t let World Poetry Day pass without sharing some of our favourite poems with you. From classics to more recent additions, here are 10 poems to read before you leave school (in no particular order): 10 Poems to Read Before You Leave School – in honour of World Poetry Day: 1) Daffodils  – William […]

50 years ago: Torrey Canyon Oil Spill

Here at Boomerang HQ, we like to highlight topics of interest throughout the year, especially when it comes to historical anniversaries. We do this mainly through dedicated sections in our school planners but you can help us spread the word online too! Torrey Canyon Oil Spill – What Happened? This month marks 50 years since […]