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10 Ways You Know You’re a Teacher on Summer Holidays

Most UK teachers will have broken up from school by the end of the week – woohoo! In celebration of your well-earned time off, we’ve put together a list of 10 different ways that you know you’re a teacher on summer holidays. Will you agree with our list? Read on to find out… You know […]

Boomerang Digital Homework Planner: New Features for 2017!

So what’s new for the Boomerang Digital Homework Planner? Our Boomerang Digital team have been working extremely hard this past year to make the Boomerang Digital Planner better than ever. So it’s time to give you an update! Bringing schools closer together Our connectivity is better than ever with the Digital Planner System bringing teachers, […]

Happy Birthday iPhone! Celebrating The Big 10 With Some Interesting Smartphone Facts

With smartphones so embedded in our culture, it’s easy to forget that Apple’s iPhone turns 10 this week! Read on for some smartphone facts you might not already know… Creating a game-changer In 2007, just 10 years ago, Apple launched the iPhone and co-founder Steve Jobs (1955-2011) revolutionised the way we use mobile phones.  Jobs […]

School Planner 2017-18 Update

School Planner 2017-18 Update: What’s new? Here at Boomerang Education, we consistently strive to bring pupils diary content that informs, excites and inspires. This year has been no different. In fact, we’re proud to say we’ve outdone ourselves! The Boomerang School Planner 2017-18 will see the introduction of: What’s Next Section This section of our […]

Did You Know These Facts About The Victorians?

We like to highlight important historical dates in Boomerang school planners and this week, we’re focusing on the Victorians. Queen Victoria was born almost 200 years ago today, back in 1819. As Queen of England for over 60 years, we thought we’d commemorate Victoria’s reign by bringing together a few facts about the Victorians that […]

GCSE Revision Tips: Beating the Exam Stress

Whether you’re already in the midst of the GCSE exam frenzy, or you’re worrying about exams coming up over the next few weeks, we’ve got loads of GCSE revision tips to get you through a potentially stressful period. For more tips, take a look at at the Revision & Exam pages of our school planners. Put […]

National Open Art Competition 2017: Competition of the Month!

What is the National Open Art Competition? National Open Art Competition 2017. Ever produced a piece of art that you’re really proud of? You might want to develop your artistic style further by entering the National Open Art Competition. Great prizes up for grabs. The following mediums will be accepted: paintings, drawings, miniature drawings/paintings/wall hung […]